The Enthusiast's Guide to the Autavia Cup

On Thursday, March 10, 2016, TAG Heuer announced that the brand would launch a social media based contest, to allow enthusiasts, collectors and customers to select the model of 1960s Autavia chronograph that TAG Heuer will re-issue in 2017. This contest, called the “Autavia Cup”, will commence on March 17, at Baselworld, with the winning watch to be announced in April 2016.


This posting will provide a Guide to the Autavia Cup competition, pulling together anything and everything enthusiasts will need to follow the action, and — more importantly — to cast their vote to determine the next Autavia to be offered by TAG Heuer.

The 16 Autavias Competing in the Autavia Cup

Click on the image below to have a closer look at the 16 Autavias that will compete in the Autavia Cup.  The top 12 are “real” models that Heuer produced in the 1960s and the four on the bottom row are “Fantasy” models produced by collector Paul Gavin, operator of HeuerWorld.


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Vintage Heuers on TAG Heuer Instagram

I’m a big fan of Instagram.  The Instagram format of square photographs and brief captions is ideal for sharing images and information about watches, and there is a rich flow of postings dedicated to both vintage and modern watches.  The #VintageHeuer hashtag serves the community of vintage Heuer collectors well, and we see some amazing old Heuer on Instagram, every day.

Recently, TAG Heuer has begun posting some fantastic photos of the vintage Heuers in the TAG Heuer Museum.  In this posting, we show the photos and captions from several of these postings, as well as a couple of other favorites from the TAG Heuer Instagram feed.  For each of the chronographs, we have also added links to the OnTheDash galleries where you can see additional photos.

TAG Heuer Instagram Hero 550


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Vintage Heuer -- The Best of 2013

2013 was a fantastic year for the community that collects vintage Heuer chronographs.  The community had 30 members participate in a Summit in La Chaux-de-Fonds, TAG Heuer celebrated “50 Years of the Carrera”, we saw new books and websites dedicated to the vintage Heuers, and activity on our discussion forums reached an all-time high.

Heuer -- Best 0f 2013
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Manifesto -- Benefits of Twitter for Watch Enthusiasts

I have been on Twitter for around three years — which probably makes me something of an old-timer in that world — and have also been a strong advocate of Twitter for people who collect watches.   A recent posting on our discussion forum, and the responses to that posting, have left me thinking about the real benefits for watch collectors.  In the spirit of Twitter, I will keep the “bullet items” brief.

Benefits of Twitter for watch collectors and enthusiasts:

  • Find Watches Listed for Sale:  Increasingly, retailers and individual sellers are using Twitter to list watches for sale. Because Twitter is so quick and easy, it may be the very first channel in which a watch is listed. In other words, a retailer prepares a “For Sale” listing on its website, then “Tweets” the listing.   Read more »

Watching Twitter -- Recommendations for Watch Enthusiasts

I’m a big fan of Twitter, and believe that it is an especially worthwhile channel for watch collectors.  “Readers” can keep up with news in the watch world and find interesting postings and articles, as soon as they are published.  “Writers” can Tweet when they have published new blog postings, webpages, articles or even messages on discussion forums.  In terms of finding watches to purchase, there are several reliable dealers who post notices whenever they list interesting watches for sale, and we are seeing more watches sell very quickly by means of Twitter.

On a couple of occasions, folks have asked me “Who are the best people to follow on Twitter?”, and there was recently a thread on a leading discussion forum, in which participants listed their favorite people to follow in the world of watches.  Accordingly, I believe that it will be useful to publish a list of “recommended” people to follow on Twitter.

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