TAG Heuer Monaco 24, in the Land of Make Believe

Let’s play a game with the TAG Heuer Monaco 24, as follows:  Let’s say that you collect vintage Heuer chronographs, primarily the racing chronographs from the 1960s and 1970s (Autavia, Carrera, Monaco, Silverstone, Montreal, etc.).  You are a committed collector, who enjoys the style  and history of these watches, as well as the fact that they are reliable timepieces that you can wear on a daily basis.

One of your favorite chronographs is the black PVD-coated Monaco (Reference 74033 N), as shown below right.  You are wearing this old Monaco one day, when you walk into a local watch store, and see the new TAG Heuer Monaco 24, as shown below left.

TAG Heuer Monaco 24 and Vintage Heuer Monaco (Black PVD)

It’s your lucky day!!  A representative of TAG Heuer is standing behind the counter, shows you the Monaco 24, describes the specifications, and says, “We want you to love this new Monaco 24 and to buy one for your collection.  Please tell us if there is anything that you would like us to change about the Monaco 24, so that you will buy the watch for your collection.”

So here is our game, which we will call “Monaco 24, in the Land of Make Believe”:  Please review the photographs of the Monaco 24 (which are of the watch that I actually saw, in the metal), as well as the specifications for the watch listed below.  Then tell us exactly how you would like the Monaco 24 altered, so that you would actually buy the watch.   Too big or too small?  Would you prefer a different color scheme?  You can be aggressive (for example adding a third register for the hours), but please try to be realistic (you can’t have it produced in rose gold, and lower the price to $1,995).

TAG Heuer Monaco 24TAG Heuer Monaco 24


Specifications of the TAG Heuer Monaco 24 are as follows:

  • Case is stainless steel, coated with black titanium-carbide, highly-polished, and measures 40.5 mm, across the dial
  • Sapphire glass, front and rear, with anti-reflective treatment
  • “Gulf Stripes” down the center of the dial
  • Recessed registers, for running seconds (on the left) and chronograph minutes (on the right)
  • Semi-sub counters each showing half the register, with double-sided hands (rotating system) – “orange” needle for first half of the timing and “silver” needle for the second half of the timing
  • Date at six o’clock position, shows yesterday-today-tomorrow
  • Orange shock-absorbers (advanced dynamic absorber system)
  • Polished rhodium plated hour and minute hands, with luminous markers
  • Black alligator strap, with orange stitches and titanium clasp
  • Caliber 36 “El Primero” movement, 36,000 vibrations per hour, automatic
  • COSC certified chronometer
  • Display back shows three-spoke rotor
  • Special edition [not “limited edition”]
  • Priced at approximately $10,900

We have had previous discussions on the question of whether the “vintage guys” will ever buy a modern, new watch.  In The Land of Make Believe, with the ability to change the various elements of the watch, every vintage collector should be able to construct a Monaco 24 to his or her liking.

So please tell is how you would change the watch, so that you would buy it.  Of course, you can also feel free to say, “It’s perfect just the way it is!  Where can I buy one?”

I look forward to seeing some responses, then I will post my own list of “modifications”.

TAG Heuer Monaco 24 (Case-Back and Movement)